Heritage architecture holds aesthetic and cultural significance, and there is great reward and value in maintaining these buildings and extending their life. It is one of the most environmentally and socially sustainable things we can do as architects.

Our long-standing experience working with councils, heritage consultants and conservation experts, and across multiple conservation zones, allows us to meet council and client expectations in the most efficient and effective way.

We restore and upgrade heritage buildings to be functional, efficient and comfortable, and to preserve and celebrate what you and/or the community love about the building. We design modern additions that respect the original building and its relationship to the surrounding area or streetscape, while meeting contemporary lifestyles and needs.

Working with heritage buildings, we often uncover and discover design and construction methods and materials that have been lost or become obsolete, unearthing an even greater story about the building’s architecture and the past. We enjoy incorporating these discoveries into the new design, giving texture and continuity to the detail and finishes.

Heritage residential architect, Sydney

We understand why people are drawn to the character and charm of heritage houses. They offer layers, texture and history, and the traditional architecture evokes a sense of place and home.

Residential heritage architecture – worker’s cottages, Victorian terraces, Federation villas, California bungalows, post-war houses – typically have compartmentalised rooms that lend themselves to bedroom spaces. We often complement this with a modern addition providing open living spaces that suits today’s style of living.

Our designs reduce structural work and material use for the original building, while upgraded services, insulation and modern additions ensure the final building is more comfortable, functional and designed for longevity.

Heritage community and commercial architect, Sydney

The restoration and adaptive reuse of heritage architecture – Victorian-era retail buildings, industrial warehouses, mid-century council amenities – is culturally and environmentally responsible. It maintains an area’s architectural character; respects the social significance of buildings for local communities; and is an efficient use an existing resource.

Our designs restore original features, with modern additions and interventions creating simple, functional and flexible spaces for clients and buildings occupants.