Melocco and Moore Architects

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About us

Melocco and Moore are award winning Sydney Architects based in the creative hub of Redfern, Sydney. We are the designers of private  homes, multiple housing projects as well as commercial and community projects.


Melocco and Moore Architects was formed by David Melocco and Phil Moore in 1993 after they had spent a number of years working in local and international architectural and engineering firms. Since that time they have formed a successful award winning design partnership with a dedicated team of staff.

Our guiding principles

Melocco and Moore believe that successful design solutions to each project, are found within both the individual client’s brief and their aspirations for the project.  As Architects we are interested in exploring and expanding on building types and this allows us to tackle a variety of projects for a range of clients.  We strive to create spaces for clients and the end users that are uplifting and nurturing.

We believe strongly that buildings should be evaluated for use, through their entire life cycle. Where possible we look to incorporate existing building fabric with any new works. Consequently we have been awarded and recognised for our careful consideration and handling of existing building fabric when new building works are introduced.

We continue to develop our standing as an award winning architectural firm and look forward to maintaining our aim to design meaningful architecture.

Melocco & Moore Portrait

David Melocco

David worked with a variety of prominent architectural firms in Sydney and internationally, before he co founded Melocco and Moore Architects. David graduated from University New South Wales in 1987 and has maintained a strong connection with their architecture programme. He is regularly invited to appear as a guest juror on Student Design Review Panels and has also been involved in a number of community programmes where he has volunteered his architectural design services.


  • Design Tutor at the University of  Sydney 2010
  • University of NSW Guest Lecturer  2004
  • University of NSW Design Review Panel 1997 to 1999
  • Guest Design Jury Member UNSW and University of Sydney on a regular basis
  • Founding Member of the Australian Architects Association.
  • Bachelor of Architecture University of NSW 1987

Philip Moore

Phil began his design career in engineering where he worked for Macdonald Wagner for four years before he commenced his Architectural studies at the University of New South Wales. He graduated from the University in 1988 and became a Chartered Architect in 1989.  After this time he worked for numerous architectural companies before founding Melocco and Moore Architects with David Melocco in 1993. Phil was involved with the Royal Australian Institute of Architects for many years as a Chapter Councillor, head of the Public Events Committee and the Awards Committee.


  • RAIA NSW Chapter Awards Jury Member 2001 and 2014
  • NSW Chapter Councillor 1997 to 1999
  • Public Events Committee 1996 to 2000
  • Design Tutor UNSW 1990-1997
  • Guest Design Jury Member UNSW and University of Sydney on a regular basis
  • Corporate Member RAIA
  • Founding Member of the Australian Architecture Association
  • Chartered Architect, member of the Board of Architects of NSW
  • Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) University of NSW 1988
  • Certificate of Structural Engineering Sydney TAFE 1981