Architecture for Everyone

Melocco & Moore is an award-winning architectural practice in Sydney.

We design and build modern, meaningful architecture that is appropriate for its people, place and purpose.

We want everyone to experience good architecture. Working across residential, multi-residential, commercial and community projects, our buildings are designed for people.

We create spaces to make your own. Spaces that have a positive effect on wellbeing and connect you with your surroundings and community.


Melocco & Moore has more than two decades of experience in modern house design.


From affordable housing to high-end development, our multi-residential projects bring good architecture to more people.


Our community projects are engaging, practical and appropriate for diverse user groups.


Melocco and Moore create contextual, functional spaces that have a positive effect on wellbeing.


Heritage architecture holds aesthetic and cultural significance, and there is great reward and value in maintaining these buildings and extending their life.