Melocco and Moore Architects designed a new Lifeguard Tower for Shellharbour City Council on a busy urban beach. We set out to create a building that celebrated the task of guarding life. The final result is a robust facility suitable for its exposed coastal location, with its apparent functionality providing assurance to the public that the beach is well patrolled. 

The building form is in three parts, a solid off form concrete base housing storage for equipment and an upper level with an observation deck and staff facilities. Above this a clear spanning metal roof providing all weather protection for the lifeguards. 

The concrete base provides a wonderful public art opportunity to engender ownership and enliven the common space. This opportunity was taken up by a local artist, Claire Foxton who’s mural of native floral wraps all four sides.




Project Team

David Melocco, Frances Mc Lennan, Stefano Di Lorenzo



Knorr Constructions



Structural Engineer – Partridge Engineering

Hydraulic Engineer Inline – Partridge Engineering

Access and BCA – AED Consulting

Land Surveyor – Land Team



Shell Harbour City Council