Grays Point Residence

The site for the home is located on a relatively narrow block, with views across a neighbouring park to the north. To the south the sloping site falls towards a steep drop down to the Hacking River, with the expanse of the Royal National Park beyond.

The new residence straddles the top of the ridge, creating opportunities to address both the northern park and the incredible views to the south.

The steep narrow site created a variety of design challenges and also some fantastic opportunities. The home revolves around a central courtyard space, which allows light and views to almost every space in the home, whilst maintaining privacy to the occupants.

The split level planning allows our client’s family to move easily from one part of the home to another and to connect to the steep site in many ways. Views are captured and framed by the folded plan as it bends around the central landscaped courtyard.

A restricted palette of materials creates strong linking themes throughout the home. External steel cladding to the roof and upper walls, creates a bold canopy to the design. A base of recycled brick and polished concrete anchors the building to the land. Rich spotted gum wall cladding provides a textured infill to spaces captured by the roof envelope.

External living spaces, generous balconies and terraced gardens blend the inside and outside spaces of the home, creating inviting and seamless connections throughout the entire residence.




Project Team

Phil Moore, Stephan Evans, Frances Mc Lennan, Charles Kevin



John Carter



Landscape Architect – Blackbettle

Structural Engineer – Partridge Engineering

Hydraulic Engineer – Inline Hydraulic Services

Land Surveyor – C&A Surveyors