The Bellevue Hill apartments development is located on a triangular shaped corner site in Bellevue Hill. The site was created by the amalgamation of 4 residential lots.

The luxury development is organised in three distinct pavilions of nine apartments. Each apartment occupies an entire floor. With strongly articulated face brick bases, lightweight upper levels and broad eaves, each pavilion presents as a large house rather than a block of apartments. The development is tiered to follow the natural slope of the site. This ensures that the apartments gain increased solar access whilst minimizing overshadowing within the site and of the adjoining properties.

The three pavilions are sited within abundantly landscaped gardens. These gardens are made up of areas that are both private and common in nature. The development was carefully planned to retain a number of existing mature trees. The entry points to the apartments were designed to offer wider and more transparent pedestrian access into the buildings. In addition they provide public view corridors through the development.

The result is a successful modification of housing type to meet the changing needs of the community whilst being respectful to the existing scale and building typology of the area.




Project Team

Phil Moore, David Melocco, Stephen Evans, Nick Hibberd,


ABuild Pro


Planning – Robinson Urban Planning

Structural Engineer – Henry & Hymas

Electrical Engineer – Steensen Varming

Mechanical Engineer – Steensen Varming

Hydraulic EngineerĀ  – Roz Engineering Pty Ltd

Access and BCA – McKenzie Group Consulting

Land Surveyor – John B White Pty Ltd.



Ameile Housing