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Modern Heritage

The project can be viewed as three distinct parts. The existing building at the center of the site, the new bedroom/family structure to the western side of the property and a new terrace/garage structure to the east of the site.

The original house is a historical significant building and as such all new work adjacent to the building has been designed to maintain its visual dominance on the site

The existing house had a poor relationship to the ground along the eastern edge due to the steep site drop off to amended this situation a stepped terrace structure along this edge of the house has been constructed. The terrace is in two parts, the part immediately adjacent to the eastern edge of the existing verandah has a one meter drop down from the verandah edge as a way of maintaining the existing sandstone base to the building with the garage concealed under. The second terrace will house a proposed swimming pool and is dropped a further one meter from the verandah.

The design philosophy of the terrace is to reinforce the slope of the site by stepping the terraces with the natural slope of the land whilst increasing access to the interior of the house. Further the stepped nature of the terraces will maintain the original house as the dominate feature as seen from Mandolong Road.

A new two storey structure was constructed on the southwest corner of the site. This building is discretely attached to the existing building via a single storey bridging element who’s roof line is low enough to run under the eaves line of the existing house. This allows the integrity of the existing house to be maintained as the new work can be built separately from the old with no intrusions into the existing roofline.

The architectural style of the new work is unashamedly contemporary allowing the viewer to easily read what is new and what is original fabric. The separation of the two structuctures is further enhanced by the mature macadamia tree situated at the junction point between old and new as seen from Mandolong Road looking west.

Internally the two new sections of the house are connected though the existing house. A 8 meter long kitchen bench physically connects the rear of the site to the front verandah.


Mosman Good Design Awards 2007, Commended. Contribution to the built environment